Aggregation Layer Builder V1.0

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Aggregation Builder Tool

Aggregation layers are geographic areas representing loss information aggregated asset features. These areas are spatially represented as vector data, usually polygon features.

RiskScape software provides an "Aggregation Builder Tool" that allows software users to upload and save ESRI Shapefile (.shp) to the repository for use as aggregation layers to output RiskScape loss model scenario results.

Build an Aggregation Layer

Open the Aggregation Builder Tool by clicking on the 'Aggregation builder tool' icon on the menu bar.

Aggregation Builder Tool icon on menu bar.

Browse to and open an ESRI Shapefile (.shp) to upload as an aggregation layer. Select a field name from the shapefile table using the dropdown box.

Browse to ESRI shapefile and select field from drop down box.
Select and open ESRI shapefile.

Select the coordinate system used in your selected ESRI shapefile and click “OK”

Select the coordinate system of the layer.

Select fields from the shapefile table to include in the aggregation layer. At least one field must be selected.

Select fields from the dropdown box.

Name the fields appropriately

Select fields from the shapefile table.

Name the aggregation layer and complete the relevant metadata fields.

Click continue to save the aggregation layer to local repository.

Fill the Name and Metadata fields
Fill the Name and Metadata fields

The saved aggregation layer will appear in the 'Analysis' tab side panel and local repository.

Aggregation icon on 'Analysis' tab side panel.