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RiskScape - Version 1.0.3


  1. Losses disappear after unselecting them in the symbology tab (see workaround below)
  2. If you use multiple screens the Repository window will open on your main screen - this might be a different screen to the one you are using RiskScape on.
  3. Symbology for hazard layers is not functioning.
  4. Asset layers that are represented as vector line features (e.g. pipes and roads) can be previewed but not used in a scenario.
  5. Resource builder tool requires one or more "Name" fields to be completed before resource layers can be uploaded.
  6. Symbology is not functioning for Aggregated Results for "Recovery Time" and "Functional Downtime"
  7. RiskScape is currently unable to write KML files therefore, the option to export results to google earth is not functional.

Work around instructions:

1. Output each loss from the library again (if you do this separately for each loss they will stay as named layers on the layers tab)

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To Do List

   * Web Feature Services (WFS) has not been installed.
   * Editable type standards functionality has not been installed.
   * Vulnerability builder tool and repository has not been installed.
   * Extend the metadata fields for hazard, asset and aggregation layers.
   * Extend the metadata fields for vulnerability models.
   * layer builders should write the creation date. It won’t show in the repository, but the system will be able to determine whether a layer is newer or older