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Instructions to open ToR in Word:

  1. Open MS Word on your computer/device
  2. Copy the URL for this page from the navigation/address bar
  3. Select File>Open>Computer>Browse [the Open File Dialog will appear]
  4. Into the File Name field paste the URL of this page
  5. Select "open"
  6. When the content is open in Word delete any un-needed fields/comments/content.
open URL in word

Terms of Reference – RiskScape Project

Use this to draft a Terms of Reference for your project. Instructions are provided in red and guideline word limits are provided. Remember that a ToR should be brief and cover What, Why, How, When and Who.

Purpose statement

200-300 words

[Briefly outline the background and core purpose of the project. This should include a summary of the rationale; who will be involved and what the aims are]


100 words

[Outline who the audience of this project will be. For example a Masters thesis or PhD thesis or for a specific users of RiskScape]


100 words

[Outline any benefits that the project will provide]


200 words

[Outline the aims and objectives]


200 words

[Outline the methodology plan – as far as possible]

Project Coordination

[Bullet point who will be involved and what will their role be]


[Bullet point the main milestones and timeframe for the work]


[Bullet point the main outputs e.g. report, dataset, framework.]

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