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From the Analysis Tab

The Asset Filter tool is used during an analysis run. To get there, begin an analysis through the following steps.

In the four decision boxes in the “Analysis” tab of the Analysis and Library Panel, choose the assets, aggregation, hazard and impacts for the model run. (Help getting layers in the analysis tab).

The Analysis tab is located in the left hand docking space. The Library tab may be visible as well. Click the Annalysis tab at the top to view the Assets, Aggregations, Hazards and Calculate boxes.


Add selections to Library by clicking on Add to library (encircled).

Select inputs for modelling
Click "next" to open the Analysis Wizard

The Create filter option is available from the Analysis Wizard.

Click "Create filter" and click "OK"

Click "Create filter" to open the decision Tree. After reading the introduction tick "don't show me this message again and click "OK"

The asset fields appear in the list on the left. Use the scroll bar to see the whole list.

The decision tree is created by dragging and dropping options into boxes. The next four images show this process. Multiple categories can be dragged into the decision box.

Drag the Asset field to the filter box
Drag the category to the right hand box
Drag the "tick" to include the results from the connected category filter
Drag the "cross" to exclude the results from the connected category filter

Now you have chosen which outputs to include in the results and which to exclude. Your Filter will apply these choices during simulation.

Name the filter and click "OK"

this filter name will appear in all your subsequent runs (regardless of the physical location) - so name appropriately according to the filter.

Select the filter you have just created and click "Next"
  Download Quick Reference Asset Filter Guide.pdf