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This tool accompanies version 1.0 of RiskScape and provides users with the ability to quickly convert legacy RiskScape layers into the new format required by RiskScape version 1.0.

Convert a Layer

Open the Converter Tool by clicking on the 'File Conversion tool' icon on the menu bar at the top of the user interface.

File Conversion tool icon on menu bar.

A window will appear called ‘Convert format’. Use this window to browse to the legacy RiskScape layer that you wish to convert.

File selector. Hint: Browse to a folder of layers if you want to convert more than one legacy layer.
Select the file to convert

Select the file to convert

Click Next

Once the folder or individual layer is selected and shown click "ok"


The convertor tool tab (called "Content Format") will open and automatically start converting the layers into the new format.

Conversion Progress on the "Content Format" Tab. Hint: You can monitor the process in the progress column.

Check the Conversion

Open the Repository from the RiskScape main menu

Repository menu button

Click the installed tab

The new RiskScape layers will automatically load into your installed repository ready for you to run a scenario.

Open the Repository - Installed tab to check the layer

Once you have finished with the convertor tool close the tab.

Close the converter tab

Sharing your data

If you wish to share your layers with other RiskScape users you can request that your layers are uploaded to the server repository. Contact the RiskScape team for more information. Comprehensive metadata is required to accompany data uploaded to the repository.

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