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Analysis Tab

In the four decision boxes in the “Analysis” tab of the Analysis and Library Panel, choose the assets, aggregation, hazard and impacts for the model run.

The Analysis tab is located in the left hand docking space. The Library tab may be visible as well. Click the tab at the top to view the Assets, Aggregations, Hazards and Calculate boxes.


Add selections to Library by clicking on Add to library (encircled).



The Assets box shows a list of all the assets you have downloaded (by using the Repository). When you are running a risk analysis simulation select the assets that apply to your area of interest.



The aggregations tab reveals the available grid aggregates. In the case shown; results would be aggregated into 1 kilometer square units.



Select one of the available hazards during your risk analysis. Some of these examples may have limited spatial coverage. If a Hazard is not selectable, there are no hazard modules downloaded for the area selected (in assets).



Select the damage parameters that you are interested in. More than one can be selected. Some parameters may not be available for a given scenario.

When a selection has been made from each box the Add to Library button will become selectable. Click this button to proceed with your risk analysis.