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RiskScape Repository

The screen shots in this guide are general. Depending on the version you have the appearance may differ

Get RiskScape layers

To open the Repository

Click “Puzzle piece”


The repository is composed of two panels, one populated with all the installed layers and one with the layers on the Server database. The architecture is similar in both panels, the only difference is that In the Server panel the user can download instead of upload. Icons are the same and so are the messages on the console. The documentation option is also the same on both panels. What is different is the Delete option.

Repository - Server Tab

Click the Server tab to view a list of layers.


The layers can be sorted into types by clicking "Type" at the top of the icon column.


Left click on the module you want to use, then right click and select download.


An hour glass and orange bar displays while the downloading is in progress


Orange progress bar shows download progress on large layers

Downloaded modules appear with a blue tick


Repository - Installed Tab

Click the installed tab

Installed Modules now Appear in the Installed tab with a blue tick.


In the installed layer, if you right click with the mouse, a list of possible actions appears. Users can:

1) upload layers to the repository; (only for GNS and NIWA staff NOV 2017, this may change in future)

2) update an existing layer on the database (only for layer owners - see note below)

3) view the documentation inside the layer (if there’s any). Please note that the documentation consists of bibliography and/or URL address


The icon on the right side of the panel shows whether the layer is already present on the database (tick icon) or that it is not present (triangle icon). If a user tries to upload one or more layers to the repository and they already exist in the repository, an ERROR message is shown in the console, and the icon turns into a yellow “warning” triangle. If the upload is successful, an INFO message is shown and the icon become a “tick”.


NOTE: the user that first uploads a layer on the repository becomes the owner of the layer. IF the owner tries to upload, and the layer already exists, a message in the console will suggest that the owner UPDATE the layer instead of "upload". The owner is the only one allowed to update the layer (and the system administrators). A user that is not the owner can always change the name of a layer and upload it as a new one. The system doesn’t recognise the date of creation so the owner is responsible for making sure the most current version is on the repository.

Repository - Deleting and Reinstating

If you press delete on the installed panel, the layer is uninstalled from the local RS folder and deleted. If, instead, a user performs the delete on the server panel, the layer will be “soft” deleted from the database. This means that the layer won’t be visible anymore to users, but it will remain in the database. This action can be performed only by the layer owner (see note below).

If the user that owns the layer decides to reinstate the layer, the server tab must be selected, then click the “file” link on the top right corner of the repository and select "reinstate." If the user has deleted layers, they will appear in a separate window. All that remains to do is to select the layers to reinstate and click the button. The selected layers will be visible again to everybody.


View Metadata

  1. Download the layer
  2. In the installed tab Right click and select Documentation

To close Repository

Click the X on the top tab


Contact the The Support Team with any difficulties.