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User Interface Guide


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User Interface Guide Topics

Menu Buttons | Repository | Layer conversion Tool

UI Panels

Map Panel - Cursor | Zoom In/Out | Pan Map | Identify Features | Display full extent | Add vector/raster Layer | Add web map Service Layer | Add WFS Layer | Displayed Map Information settings (left) | Coordinates (right)

Zoom Buttons | Pan and Identify buttons | Refresh button

Layers Tab - Symbology Button | Classify Button | Transparency | Border Options | Legend | View/Hide Layers | Delete a Layer

Asset Exposure Tab 1.0.0

Library Tab 1.0.0

Analysis Tab

Console Tab 1.0.0





Viewing your Results:

Library icons

Map appearance options

Exporting your results:

  • CSV/MS Excel file
  • Column headings explanation (e.g. FID)
  • ESRI Shapefile
  • Google Earth
  • Using your results

   Download User Interface Guide v1.0.0 tester.pdf

Key differences between this version and the last

  • The User Interface (UI) has changed and looks different from older versions
  • Built-in RS tools and quick link buttons appear on the main menu, including help and Repository.
  • End user agreement and licensing makes RiskScape more readily available
  • The module builder tools are now accessable from the UI (in older versions they were loaded seperately).
  • Styling and viewing of layers and maps based on Geotools
  • More user input/choice in display options
  • Better visual integration of modules and functionality

Contact the The Support Team with any difficulties.