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Go to Overview

Go to UI Contents Menu

Open the Asset Modification Tool

The Asset Modification Tool button is on the main menu bar

Select the Asset file to alter

Click the “browse” button

The Asset Modification Tab appears in the centre panel. Click the Browse button

Navigate to the Layers folder in your “rsworkspace” (The default workspace is C:\Users\USERNAME\rsworkspace)

Select the Asset file to alter and click Open, then Continue

For example “Canterbury Buildings Crop Tutorial Aug 2017.jar” (quicker) or “Canterbury Buildings.jar” (takes longer)

Select an asset.jar file and click open

Click the orange “continue” button

A filter decision tree is used to modify the asset data.

Construct a Modification Decision Tree

Drag an attribute (like “Floor Height”) to the filter box

Drag an attribute to the filter box

Specify the parameters for example:

Enter “0.8” into the upper bound box for Floor Height. This creates two subsets of the data: • data with Floor height less than 0.8m ( from –ve infinity to 0.8m) • data with Floor height greater than 0.8m ( from 0.8m to infinity)

Example of Floor height specifications for the modification decision Tree

For the floor height greater than 0.8m specify no modification by dragging “no modification” to the decision box.


Drag “New modification” to the decision box for the floor height less than 0.8m

An “X” appears where there will be no modification

The asset modification tool will offer modification options.

Modify Attribute Values

Select “Floor Height” from the new modification drop down

Select the attribute to modify

Click "OK"


Select the “Adjust Values by” toggle

  • Enter 100 into the proportion field
  • Enter 0.5 into the Mean
  • Enter 0 into the Standard Deviation

Click “add”

The 100% only applies to the subset of the data that you have specified. 
for example:  For the "adjust Values by" criteria using a criteria of "less than 0.8" and applying the above "new modification" to any buildings with floor heights less than 0.8m will add 0.5m to 100 percent of the buildings that meet this criteria. 
If you select the "Set values to" toggle then 100 percent of the buildings with floor heights less than 0.8m will be set to have floor heights of 0.5m.
Adjust the values for the selected attribute

Select the filter that appears and click “OK”

Scroll to the bottom of the window to find the OK button

Click the orange “Continue” button


Metadata and Save

Fill in the Metadata fields and click the orange “continue” button

Metadata and naming conventions are important

Fill in the Save as field and click the orange “continue" button.



Run through the analysis steps but this time select your mitigated asset layer in the analysis selections step


  Download Asset Modification Example.pdf