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Go to Overview

Before you Start



Installation V1.0.2

Running an analysis (Example)

Installing RiskScape

Uninstall old versions before you install RiskScape

Start the Installation

Run the .exe file to begin installation Navigate to the executable file in windows explorer and double click on the .exe file, and click on “Run” to start the installation

  • You may need to navigate to the default "downloads" directory or view downloads from your browser.
  • You may have security warnings, Allow the program to continue.

Read the terms of use and Click "I Agree"


Click Next

  • If you are asked to select which users to install RiskScape for, make your selection and click "Next"
  • Users that wish to install in Program Files will need elevated Rights to install and uninstall.

Click Save to accept the Installation directory location or Browse to change it

  • Installation directory selection at setup: it's best to accept the suggestion of workspace for windows. If not; the uninstaller won't know where to look to remove files.

Tick the checkboxes you require and click Install


The Green bar indicates the download progress


Choose to start RiskScape now and click Finish to exit the installer.


The RiskScape banner will show while the software loads


Click Next to accept the workspace directory location or Browse to change it


When RiskScape opens you will be prompted for your username and password. If you already have a username and password enter them here and RiskScape is ready to use.



For your first log in set up your registration by clicking "Create Account"

Fill in all the fields with appropriate values and click "OK"

  • Hover over any field to get information

"Email confirmation sent" message is displayed. Click OK - this will take you back to the login dialog


Check your email inbox and open the email from "support". Click the link to activate your new account. The link will open your browser and display a thank you message


You are now able to enter your username and password in the login dialog and click "OK". RiskScape is now ready to use.


Go to the User Interface Guide

Something go wrong?

Resend the email link or reset your password from the login dialog (which appears after opening RiskScape).

For more help Contact the helpdesk