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Welcome to the RiskScape User Technical Documentation Wiki. This wiki provides the technical information and guidance for users of RiskScape. Please get in touch with our Helpdesk if you have any questions, want to report a software bug or suggest improvements, or if you would like to collaborate with us. We hope you enjoy using RiskScape. We would love to hear from you about your experience with it, including how you have applied it.

RiskScape Tool

RiskScape is a loss modelling tool to support evidence-based risk assessments for natural hazards. It draws on decades of natural hazards research to model how assets (e.g. buildings and infrastructure) can be impacted by hazards, using technical vulnerability information.

RiskScape has been developed so that it can be used for a range of purposes, including for land-use planning, emergency management contingency planning, cost-benefit analysis, and hazard research, and doesn’t require you to have specialist modelling knowledge.

Starting up RiskScape

The installation of RiskScape creates a RiskScape icon/shortcut on the computer's desktop or in the Start Menu. To install the program read more here.

Using the Software

RiskScape is a standalone software program with some Geographic Information System (GIS) characteristics to provide a familiar working environment.

The User Interface Guide lists the software functions and tools as links. Use the links to get help with a particular feature.

A series of Quick Start Guides are available to help you get started.

Running an Analysis

Walk through an analysis using RiskScape step-by-step. Typical processes are itemized to help guide you through the risk analysis process.


Data and Models

Find out more about the data components available in the repository, how to use them in the software and developing your own layers for RiskScape.

Getting Help

  • Get help with using RiskScape or report software issues via the Helpdesk