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RiskScape - Version 0.3.6

   * [RS-1301] - Rescinding RS-1290 because of NZTM issues
   * [RS-1312] - NZMG local maps don't show if WMS fails
   * [RS-1319] - RiskScape version lacks TEST/RC subtrings when not prod release
   * [RS-1320] - RiskScape 32 bit installation does not update riskscape.bat file
   * [RS-1327] - After update to Java 1.8 AssetXMLTest.testLeniency fails
   * [RS-1329] - Module manager popup menus not working in Windows
   * [RS-1330] - Wizard buggy when cloning library item
   * [RS-1336] - Logging for RiskScape API must be properly initialized
   * [RS-1337] - Server not checking module compatibility correctly
   * [RS-1339] - Get module query is not returning latest module
   * [RS-1342] - ModuleMetadataEditor is still mangling modules
   * [RS-1344] - RiskScape shuts down during run for tutorial 2 1931 Hawkes Bay earthquake
   * [RS-1348] - Filtering on Year of Construction is not working properly


   * [RS-1294] - Toolbar does funny things on refresh and EPSG does not reflect changes
   * [RS-1300] - Allow user to run different versions of RiskScape.
   * [RS-1303] - As a developer I want to be able to serialise RS model object outside of JVM
   * [RS-1307] - Implement OGC WMS service browser, and WMS layers as background
   * [RS-1308] - Add an info button to toolbar that links to wiki for doco
   * [RS-1315] - Switch location of win users' directory from %LOCALAPPDATA% to %APPDATA%
   * [RS-1321] - Clean up adding (background) layers from file
   * [RS-1333] - Update geotools libraries to 11.3
   * [RS-1335] - UAT/TEST to authenticate against prod portal
   * [RS-1338] - Incomplete information from server response can prevent ModuleManager from showing full list of available modules

RiskScape - Version 0.3.5


   * [RS-1297] - ShapeFileReader.getRecordAtPoint(...) fails to find Point(s) in MultiPolygon file
   * [RS-1298] - Attribute access bug
   * [RS-1299] - CRS label does not update when changing CRS


   * [RS-1293] - Better feedback needed if LINZ is timing out
   * [RS-966] - Unable to edit symbology of attributes to highlight certain types (e.g. masonry buildings)