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Preparing to Install RiskScape

Please read the information below and then proceed to the Installation Guide

System Requirements

For RiskScape to run properly, your system must meet certain minimum requirements, as outlined below. System requirements are related to the volume of data that may be used in analysis. For instance, reasonable data processing times can be expected when using the “recommended” computer system if the software user is running an impact scenario for assets in a large city (e.g population >100,000).

  • Operating System: Windows (7/8/10), Mac OS X (1.8 and above), any flavour of Linux/Unix.
  • Internet Broadband: Required for registration and authentication, downloading modules, and viewing web sourced background maps.
  • Hardware: A dual-core high-spec CPU is recommended. A minimum 4Gb of RAM is required for RiskScape for a 64bit system.


  • For viewing and exporting detailed results in spreadsheet format a program such as MS Excel or Open Office is required.
  • For viewing results in 3D, Google Earth must be installed

Information for IT departments

RiskScape requires https access (TCP port 443) to the user management and module archive web services.

It also uses a plain http connection to the WMS map server.

You can test that the servers are running directly via this URL:

This will return an XML response (the XML can be empty if no requests are pending).

Troubleshooting Proxy

If you can not log in but your internet seems to be active - there could be a problem with the proxy settings - You will need your IT department to check the settings if your institution uses a proxy.

Your IT people will need to check the outbound port - the port number is very important, please use 443

NOTE: this is not the same as the port number in the preferences>Internet tab which should be 80

Settings in RiskScape software should be configured as shown below.

Ensure that "Save" is clicked before you click "Done"

Settings >> Internet : proxy settings


Please ensure that the domain to be excluded from the DPI-SSL packet inspection, because our reverse proxy actually responds as to the incoming urls. Also ensure that is allowed by the firewall settings


Network Security

All communications between RiskScape and its services are conducted using secure HTTP (HTTPS)

Security Functions

Users' own data is not automatically uploaded.

Licensing and Privacy

The software is free for all users subject to agreement with the End User License Agreement (EULA).

Any data collected through registration will be stored securely and not shared with any other parties.

Upon loading RiskScape software the installer will be prompted to accept an End User License Agreement (EULA) disclaimer:

   View the EULA

Software Disclaimer

You may prepare reports, results, information and interpretations based on the use of RiskScape. All such reports, results, information and interpretations must contain full acknowledgement of both NIWA and GNS and the existence of RiskScape license together with a disclaimer below

Certain information in this Report, Result, Information was created pursuant to the terms of an End-User License Agreement available on the RiskScape website ( using the RiskScape tool owned jointly by National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research Limited (NIWA) and Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences Limited(GNS). While all reasonable effort has been made to ensure that this Report, Result, Information is as accurate as practicable, neither[insert name of Licensee],NIWA nor GNS nor the other data source organisations can be held responsible for any data, interpretations, conclusions and recommendations contained within the Report, Result, Information or for any actions taken based on the Report, Result, Information. [insert name of Licensee], NIWA and GNS and the other data source organisations therefore, to the full extent permitted by law, exclude liability, including for negligence, for any loss or damage, direct or indirect and howsoever caused resulting from any person’s or organisation’s use or reliance on this Report, Result, Information.


A username and password are required to be registered for the RiskScape software to be fully operational. In Version 1.0 you can register when you install the software.


To download the software please follow the simple steps provided on the RiskScape website Get Started. Installation instructions for Linux/Unix and MacOSX users are also provided.

If you need any help please contact the RiskScape team via the Contact us page

Software Installation

Proceed to the Installation Guide


Installation Guide for V1.0.2