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RiskScape is a tool supported by research from the social to physical space. This research is carried out by scientists who work together to improve New Zealand’s understanding of the risks posed by natural hazards. The RiskScape research team are keen to reach out and collaborate with the wider risk community and we recognise that universities are a large part of this – both in terms of their own research and also in terms of training our future hazard managers, planners, etc. We are therefore keen to work with students (from undergraduate through to PhD) and supervisors on RiskScape themed projects.

Click here for a range of possible projects that students or researchers could work on. We have also provided an indication of the ‘level’ of each project and the RiskScape scientist(s) to contact with regards to the project. It is by no means comprehensive and if you have other ideas for collaboration with the RiskScape team then please contact us.

How to get involved:

If you are interested in a project, please contact the relevant RiskScape scientist indicated to discuss the project and refine your ideas together. The next step will be for us together to develop a simple terms of reference or statement of expectation outlining both the expectations on the RiskScape team and the student/researcher to ensure that these are clear from the start. Please also note that there is no implied funding linked with any of these projects. We are happy, however, to support students get funding through other channels.

What we can provide:

  • Enthusiasm
  • Expertise
  • A diverse team with a wide range of skills and knowledge
  • The RiskScape resources
  • Some great projects to work on

What we don’t provide:

  • Direct funding
  • Sole supervising

What the expectations are:

  • The RiskScape team will provide reasonable support to enable the student/researcher to download and use the tool and provide project guidance at key points in the project.
  • The student/researcher will have the opportunity to write a short news article for the RiskScape website highlighting their work.
  • A ToR or statement of expectation must be complete for every collaborative project.
  • RiskScape team together with the student/researcher will co-develop milestones and deliverables.
  • A final report or copy or link to paper/thesis will be made available on the RiskScape website.
  • Any data collected or tools developed (e.g. hazard, asset or vulnerability module/plugin) should be open source and available for all RiskScape users.

View the Terms of Reference pdf (ToR)

View ToR in word instructions

View the Project List

Contact the The RiskScape Support Team with any difficulties.