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RiskScape Team Members

RiskScape Team Members

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To see the team members grouped by their role in the RiskScape project please visit the RiskScape website

RiskScape Project Leaders

Photo Title RiskScape contribution
Ryan Paulik
Hazard Analyst. RiskScape Programme Leader (NIWA) RiskScape applications for land use planning and emergency management, risk modelling; river and coastal flood (incl. tsunami) hazard vulnerability models; asset inventory development; post-event impact assessment.
Nick Horspool
Risk scientist GNS RiskScape Programme Leader (GNS) Risk modelling, earthquake and tsunami perils, software development

RiskScape Team members

Photo Title RiskScape contribution
Andrea Mari
Junior Software Developer - NIWA Software developer
Graeme Smart
Principal Scientist - Natural Hazards and Hydrodynamics. NIWA Strategy and co-ordination, hydrodynamic risk modelling, enduser interaction. hydrodynamic hazards, post disaster data collection, communication.
Rob Bell Programme Leader: Hazards & Risk and Principal Scientist (Coastal & Estuarine Processes) NIWA Strategy within the NIWA core hazard programme, coastal hazard risk, end-user interaction, Risk assessment, coastal hazards and risk (storm inundation, coastal erosion, tsunami), climate-change imapcts
Jo Bind
Hydrodynamics GIS Technician NIWA Post disaster surveys, GIS,Saptial data analysis, hydrodynamic modelling
Jade Arnold
Technician. NIWA User admin and assistance. Web site maintenance. User documentation. Software development support. RiskScape team support
Roddy Henderson
"Group Manager Applied Hydrology Hydrologist NIWA Flood hazard assessment, Hydrology; flood frequency analysis; infrastructure surveys
Emily Lane
Group Manager Hydrodynamics scientist NIWA Tsunami and storm surge Coastal Hazard Modeller - Tsunami and storm surge
Joshu Mountjoy
Marine Geologist. NIWA Hazard models, fragility functions Submarine Landslides, Tsunami hazard
Ryan Paulik
Hazard Analyst. RiskScape Project Leasder (NIWA) RiskScape applications for land use planning and emergency management, risk modelling; river and coastal flood (incl. tsunami) hazard vulnerability models; asset inventory development; post-event impact assessment.
Mike Revell
Principal scientist Meteorology and Remote Sensing. NIWA Wind modelling, speedup over hills, storm analysis Weather hazard analysis
Gabriella Turek
Sr. Software Engineer. NIWA Software programming, application, services, system administration.
Richard Turner
Meteorologist NIWA Wind hazard, post disaster surveys Wind hazard modules
Shaun Williams
Hazard Analyst, NIWA Tsunami hazard/risks; Multiple-hazard cross-cutting development; Pacific Islands hazards/risks Tsunami perils (modeling; paleodeposits; fragility functions); Natural hazards & disaster management; Post-disaster investigation; Stakeholder engagement
Andrew King GNS Exposure database, vulnerability, engine development, future vision
Rob Buxton Risk Simulation Modeller. GNS Rainfall induced landslide model, liquefaction model Model development and application
Sally Dallow GNS Landslide and liquefaction hazard modelling Engineering geology - earthquake and landslide hazards
Sally Potter
Hazard and Risk Management Researcher, GNS Science End user engagement - training and research, social impacts, risk communication Communication of warnings, especially for volcanoes, severe weather and earthquakes (aftershocks)
Sheng Lin
Risk Engineer. GNS Asset models (incl. data capture tool), and fragility/vulnerability models for earthquakes development Model development and application
Natalia Deligne
GNS Volcano Volcanic hazard and risk modelling
Sr Uma
GNS Engineering fragility models Structural Engineering - earthquake
Christof Mueller GNS Tsunami, Agile role: Product Owner Tsunami Hazard assessment local Tsunami
Silvia Canessa
GNS Software development. RiskScape Help Desk agent. Coding, support
Vinod Sadashiva
Risk Engineer, GNS Science Vulnerability / fragility model development
Richard Woods
Natural Hazards Risk Specialist, GNS End user engagement - training and research, social impacts, risk communication Warnings, hazards assessments, evacuation, emergency management, risk communication, risk treatment options.
Tatiana Goded
GNS MMI assignments, felt reports, seismic vulnerability of Unreinforced masonry churches Seismic hazard analysis, macroseismic studies, GeoNet felt reports, seismic vulnerability of Unreinforced masonry churches, site effects, site response modelling
Rand Huso GNS
Juliana Ungaro
Climate Services Scientist NIWA End-User engagement; risk science communications and knowledge exchange.
Finn Scheele
Risk Specialist - GNS New risk modelling methodologies (e.g. post-event residential habitability and human displacement); end user engagement.
James Williams
Risk Modeler - GNS Lifelines type standards, co-seismic vulnerability models for lifelines, tsunami vulnerability and functionality models for lifelines, disaster risk modelling, software testing.
Johnny Tarry Nimau
PARTneR Coordinator - Vanuatu End-User engagement; RiskScape communications and knowledge exchange in developing Case study modelling.
Titimanu Simi
PARTneR Coordinator - Samoa
Paula Holland
Environmental economist End-User engagement; risk science communications and future planning
Ben Popovich
Hazard and Risk Analyst Vulnerability functions for water related hazards
Kristie-Lee Thomas
Risk Specialist End-user engagement & risk communication
Sara Harrison
PhD Candidate End-user engagement
Heather Craig
Hazard and Risk Analyst RiskScape applications for planning and emergency management; Vulnerability function development; End-user engagement;

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