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(Increase the timeout window)
(Increase the timeout window)
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[[File:OpenConfig.png|400px|thumb|centre|open with wordpad or notebook]]
[[File:OpenConfig.png|400px|thumb|centre|open with wordpad or notebook]]
[[File:ChangeConfigTimeOut.png|800px|thumb|centre|edit the text]]
[[File:ChangeConfigTimeOut.png|800px|thumb|centre|edit the timeout value to 60000 (1min). This can be scaled back later]]
Save the file when you are finished and start RiskScape.
Save the file when you are finished and start RiskScape.

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Troubleshooting Topics

This help guide is aimed at new users of RiskScape and provides some guidance with troubleshooting errors and problems that users have encountered while running RiskScape. This guide is a work in progress...

Go to bugs and workarounds

Earthquake scenarios are NOT working in version 1.0.2 but will be working again in 1.0.3

Trouble shoot Login

If you experience difficulty when logging in you might have a problem with the proxy settings. Please consult the instructions for IT departments for help.

Failure to communicate with management server while creating a new account
Failure to communicate with User management service when logging in

RiskScape Stalls

There are a few cases where RiskScape can not establish full internet contact. In this situation the software stalls at the "Initialise Background Map" stage.

Please see the FAQ for some solutions

Increase the timeout window

RiskScape is set to try and establish an internet connection for 5000 ms. Follow these steps to increase this window to 15000.

find the network.config file

Do this while RiskScape is closed (not running)

open with wordpad or notebook
edit the timeout value to 60000 (1min). This can be scaled back later

Save the file when you are finished and start RiskScape.

Increase Memory Allocation

Some users have reported slow performance while using RiskScape. The default minimum memory setting has been identified as being too low. This will be repaired as part of the work plan but in the mean time please follow these steps to work around this issue.

Settings button on the menu bar

Click the settings button

The "Resources" tab in the settings dialog box

Click the Resources tab

Memory allocation slider

Use the slider to select the memory to allocate to RiskScape

Slide to allocate Memory and Save

Click Save and Done when you have increased the memory allocation

Prompt to restart

RiskScape will prompt you to restart. Click OK

File location of Layers and Modules

Layers (previously known as "Modules" or "Plugins") are stored in the RiskScape workspace. You selected the location of the workspace when you installed RiskScape.

The default location for the workspace folder (called "rsworkspace") is C:\Users\USERNAME\rsworkspace - where USERNAME is your username.

Location of rsworkspace in Windows Explorer.

If you're having trouble finding layers in the Repository, it might be because RiskScape is getting your old 'rsworkspace' folder confused with the new version. You could rename your old folder 'rsworkspace_old' (or anything except 'rsworkspace'), and reinstall RiskScape. During the reinstallation, RiskScape will create a new 'rsworkspace' folder system and draw from that, mitigating any problems. Get in touch with our helpdesk if you are still having issues.

Find Coordinate System Button

Sometimes the size and position of the map panel window hides the Coordinate System button (near the green arrow). The panel must be widened to see it.

Coordinate System button is hidden (green Arrow). Widen the Map panel to view it.

Hover the mouse over the right hand edge of the map panel until the double ended arrow appears.

Grip and drag the Map Panel edge to the right.

Drag the edge to the right to uncover the Coordinate system button (red arrow).

Location of rsworkspace in Windows Explorer.

Contact the The Tester Admin Team with any difficulties.

Troubleshoot Asset Layer Builder

See the asset builder guide for troubleshooting

Troubleshoot Hazard Layer Builder

See the asset builder guide for troubleshooting