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RiskScape User Interface Panels

Open RiskScape (RS) by double clicking on the RS icon on your desktop

The screen below will appear (without the numbers shown). This is the User Interface (UI). This is where all the work will take place. There are four docking spaces. The initial four visible panels are:

  1. . Map Panel – in the centre
  2. . Layers Panel – on the right (also Identify, Statistics and Asset Exposures Panels)
  3. . Console Panel – under the Map Panel
  4. . Analysis Panel – on the left (also Library Panel)

Note: If the map doesn’t load then there is a problem with the LINZ server (or connection to it) see the section on loading a map.

Panels can be adjusted to suit the user. To do this, hover your curser over the border between panels until a double arrow appears, then drag/adjust to suit your preference.

The tabbed panels can be moved between the docking spaces by dragging and dropping the tab.

The panels can also be relocated or minimised by using the buttons at the top right of each Tab.


When minimised, the panel will show up at top left under the main tool bar.


Contact the The Support Team with any difficulties.

Next section is: UI Guide - Map Tab